Arabians News · Athletes give back to the community

During the holiday season, two athletic teams from Pendleton Heights decided to give back to their community.

The girls soccer team volunteered some time at the Madison County Humane Society.  The girls walked some dogs for valuable exercise, played with the cats and donated items.  They are hoping this small gesture will go a long way.  The volleyball team made their presence in the community felt at Needler’s Fresh Market.  The girls rang the bells and collected money for the Salvation Army.  Money collected from the Salvation Army directly supports families in need from our area.

A bigger commitment to community service has been a focal point of Pendleton Heights Athletics this school year.  “I am extremely proud of the young women who took part in these activities and represented Pendleton Heights.  It is also nice to see that the coaches were there leading by example,” stated athletic director, Chad Smith.

The girls soccer and volleyball teams have joined the girls cross country, baseball, boys soccer and football teams in community projects this school year.  Smith feels projects like these are important to building a good relationship with the community.  “I have told our student-athletes and coaches that our community supports them by paying money to watch them compete.  We owe it to the community to give back.”