Arabians News · Madison County Week

Multiple spring Madison County Tournaments are set for the week of April 8th.  Baseball, softball, tennis, and track and field will be competing for championships this weekend.  Boys golf will have their county tournament on May 4th.  Below you will find the information needed for each tournament:

Tournament: Nick Muller Memorial Baseball Tournament
Dates: 4/9, 4/11, and 4/13
Locations: Multiple schools (4/9, 4/11) / Memorial Field (4/13)
Cost: $6.00 (No All-Sports passes)
Bracket: 2019 Nick Muller Tournament Bracket


Tournament: Madison County Softball Tournament
Dates: 4/9, 4/11, and 4/13
Locations: Multiple schools (4/9, 4/11) / Pendleton Heights (4/13)
Cost: $6.00 (No All-Sports passes)
Bracket: 2019 Madison County Softball Tournament Bracket


Tournament: Madison County Girls Tennis Tournament
Dates: 4/10, 4/11, and 4/12
Locations: Multiple schools
Cost: None
Bracket: 2019 Madison County Girls Tennis Tournament Bracket


Tournament: Madison County Boys/Girls Track and Field Meet
Dates: 4/11 (pole vault), 4/12 (meet)
Locations: Pendleton Heights (pole vault) / Madison Grant (meet)
Cost: $6.00 (no charge for pole vault)