Arabians News · Strength Program Ready for Summer

The schedule for the weights and conditioning program at Pendleton Heights has been set for this upcoming summer.  The program, open to all PHHS athletes is ran and directly supervised by Coach Jed Richman.  Coach Richman is the strength and conditioning instructor and head football coach for the Arabians.  He is assisted in the program by coaches from all the various sports at Pendleton Heights.  It is highly recommended athletes attend these workouts which helps with gains in physical and mental strength, flexibility, team bonding and overall school spirit.  Numbers will also show that athletes who attend these workouts miss less time during a season due to injury.  If you have any questions, you may contact Coach Richman at  All weights and conditioning sessions are held at the PHHS weight room.  Below you will find the summer schedule:

Weight Room Moratorium:
June 3-9 / July 1-7

Session #1 
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday (6:30am-8:00am):

Boys Basketball

Session #2
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday (9:30am-11:00am):

Boys Soccer
Girls Soccer
Girls Basketball
Boys Track
Girls Track
Boys Tennis
Girls Tennis
Boys Swimmnig
Girls Swimming
Boys Golf
Girls Golf
Boys Cross Country
Girls Cross Country

Session #3 (Middle School Athletes)
Monday/Wednesday/Thursday (5:30pm-7:00pm):

Open to all students under high school aged grades.