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IHSAA Student-Athlete Tip of the Week (5-18-2020)

“Promoting education based athletics in Indiana”

This past weekend was the first time a sporting event in America had been broadcast live since sports were suspended over eight weeks ago due to Covid19. It was a PGA event featuring four of the tour’s top players.

Things were different. Play by play announcer, Mike Tirico, provided live coverage from his home outside Detroit, while the match was being played in southeast Florida. There were no spectators, only a few cameramen, and no caddies as the players carried their own bags. It was a much different look than normal, but sports are slowly coming back.

Every community and school wants to provide youth and high school sports in a safe and healthy environment. There will be many adjustments over the next year for all these events.

It is not too soon for the student-athlete to prepare mentally for the changes ahead. Your focus and mental toughness will continue to be tested as you start competing again.

While the rules of your sport won’t likely change, the environment in which they will be played could be totally different!

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