Arabians News · COVID-19 PHHS Athletics Update 5/18

As always I hope everyone is staying healthy both mentally and physically.  As we enter the last week of the school year we will be doing some things on the athletic end to wrap up the 2019-2020 school year.  Please see the latest informion below that will hopefully answer some unanswered questions.

Expiring Physicals:
Some parents have received notifications from Final Forms about expiring physicals.  That email can be disregarded.  All physicals completed after April 1, 2019 will be accepted again for this upcoming school year.  The default expiration date is set in June so Final Forms is sending notifications as a warning.  They have yet to get everything switched over for next school year.  

Incoming Freshman Physicals:
Incoming freshmen will not need to get their physical from PHMS.  I will coordinate with the middle school to retrieve those physicals and get them on file at PHHS.  This will happen over the summer.  

Physical Waiver Form:
The SMCSC legal team is requiring a waiver be signed if you choose to use last year’s physical.  That form will be signed electronically in Final Forms when you sign up for next year’s sports.  If you choose to turn in a new physical completed after April 1, 2020 you will not need to sign the waiver.  

Senior Recognition:
With the help of Jack Hudson of WEEM, we will be releasing senior recognition videos this week.  The schedule could change based on production but as of now the tentative schedule is the following:  G-Tennis/B-Gof (Tue), B-Track/U-Track/G-Track (Wed), Softball (Thur), and Baseball (Fri).  Videos will be released on and on Twitter @PHHSAthletics.  Each coach will also receive the video to share as well.  We hope you enjoy them and we hope our seniors feel appreciated.

Athletic Locker Clean Out:
Athletic lockers may be cleaned out at the same time students are permitted to enter the building on May 26th or May 27th per the schedule sent to parents by Mrs. Rickert.  Please follow the schedule and practice social distancing.  Students should enter the building and take care of necessary tasks as quickly as possible then exit the building.  Only students will be permitted to enter the building on those days.  Any items remaining after May 27th will have to be discarded so that the lockers can be sanitized.  

On their designated pickup day, student-athletes will be able to pick up any awards from the winter and the spring that they have earned.  Athletes will need to stop by the athletic office to collect all items  This will include any trophies from winter sports as well as participation/letter certificates and pins for the winter and spring sports.  There will also be a table with 5-letter plaques and 9-letter blanket winners for the athletes that qualified for those awards.  This will be the only pickup time until the reopening of South Madison Community Schools.  

Start Dates:
Several factors, which include too many to list, will determine when our student-athletes will be allowed to resume activity at PHHS.  We were joined in a meeting on Monday morning by Dr. Jennifer McCormick, the State Superintendent of Public Education in Indiana.  She painted a detailed and honest picture for state athletic directors.  There are education meetings scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday of this week with the governor.  Anything to report from those meetings will be presented to us later this week.  We do know that there will not be a specific guideline to return to play.  All of those decisions will be made at the local level.  I am currently working on a phasing in process that we can implement once we get the green light to open.  What I can tell you is that political lines will not be considered and that we will try to find the perfect balance in creating normalcy while taking every precaution to make sure that our student-athlete’s health is the priority.  I also know that it will take cooperation and everyone willing to make sacrifices for education based athletics to continue in the state of Indiana.  

All SMCSC campuses remain closed until the end of June at this time.  Facilities should not be used during this time.  If athletes choose to workout with other athletes during this time some things that the entire family should consider:

  • All workouts need to stay within the maximum number of people allowed at a gathering defined in Governor Holcomb’s order.  
  • Any other health guidelines should be followed with extra precaution taken in cleanliness.
  • Weigh the possible results if someone is diagnosed with COVID-19 which include health to the families involved, health to your teammates, and the risk of possible delays to the start of your next season.  

We Are One:
As frustrating as this has been I continue to encourage everyone to find the positives in the situation.  I’m a realist so finding silver linings is always difficult for me.  However, I have found that the amount of time I am spending with my family may never happen again in my lifetime.  Life moves at the speed of light and doesn’t normally slow down for anyone.  This is a great opportunity for our Arabian families to grow and celebrate each other.  Our athletes are lucky to be a part of such a great community with a group of people that find ways to put aside differences and help others in need.  If you are someone that is in need, please do not hesitate to ask.  I believe in this community and what we can accomplish together. Finally, I am a firm believer that being a participant in high school athletics teaches valuable life lessons and I hope that those past lessons learned are guiding our student-athletes through this current situation.  I know it is guiding me!  Stay healthy and help each other out.  Go Arabians!

Additional FAQs:

What can I do to help?
The best way to help is to follow the recommended guidelines by health, state, and national leaders.  You can also help by donating items that can be used at hospitals, you can give blood, and limit contact with others by practicing social distancing.

With school closed, may I still use the school’s athletic facilities?
No, all school facilities are closed until the end of June.  This includes but not limited to the locker areas, pool, gyms, tennis courts, track, Activity Center, and weight room.

How do I workout while school is closed?
The majority of our student-athletes will receive daily instruction from our strength and and conditioning instructor via Canvas as a part of his class work.  If you are not in the class, contact your head coach.  Be creative and stay active!

What if I am not in the Strength and Conditioning Class?
Workouts will be shared with head coaches who then can pass along to their athletes who are not in the class.

Can I meet with my coaches during this time?
No, you may not meet with your coaches face-to-face.  All coaches have been instructed to not hold any face-to-face meetings with any athletes for any reason.  This will remain in effect until at the end of June.  However, you may have communication with your coach and other teammates via any form of communication that does not involve being physically present.  Coaches have been instructed to have regular communication with their athletes.

Can I workout with my teammates away from school facilities?
This is an individual family decision.  All State of Indiana guidelines set forth by the Governor, CDC, and the local health department is expected to be followed.  Disregarding the orders will lead to the further delay and could eventually affect fall sports.  I realize that you are seeing videos on social media of other school’s athletes working out together.  It is our stance that we help prevent the spread of this pandemic and end our isolation sooner rather than later.  To accomplish this, we need to limit contact with others.  We certainly support your desire to continue to get better but the best way will be to follow the provided workouts.

How important are my grades during the eLearning period?
Your grades are very important.  You are a STUDENT-athlete and your school work should be your first priority.  Additionally, the grades at the end of this semester will determine your eligibility for next fall.  You must pass five (5) classes at the end of this semester or you will start the fall athletic period academically ineligible.

Will we ever get back to normal?
I believe we will get back to normalcy in our daily lives at some point. It is our mission that our student-athletes learn life lessons during their time as an athlete at Pendleton Heights.  This is one of those times.  This is a time to learn that something can be taken away in a hurry.  Value your opportunities, value your teachers, value your coaches, value your teammates, and value your family!