Arabians News · COVID-19 PHHS Athletics Update 5/25

As we start to enter new stages of our recovery from the COVID-19 shutdown there are a few new things that all parents, athletes, and coaches should be aware.  Below you will find the latest info.

**On Tuesday, 5/26 and Wednesday, 5/27 students will be permitted into the high school to return school items, collect personal items, and clean out lockers.  This includes all athletic lockers that were assigned for the spring.  Any items left at the end of the day on 5/27 will be discarded.  Lockers need to be empty so that they can be further sanitized.

During the time of pickup, student-athletes will need to check the athletic hall.  In the hallway there are winter awards, spring awards, athletic department awards, swim senior banners, and track team shop orders from BSN.  All participation certificates, letter certificates, and letter pins are to be picked up in the athletic office.

Pendleton Heights High School has planned for a safe and orderly pickup by creating a schedule that is expected to be followed.  To see your time on the schedule click here.

**The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the IHSAA have issued some guidelines for return to play.  These are considered only suggestions and the final decision on protocol has been left up to each individual school corporation.  We are expecting some additional guidance from the Governor and the Department of Education soon.  At this time, I am in the process of organizing a Return to Play Committee.  The committee will create the best possible plan that will safely allow our student-athletes to start competing again.  We ask for your patience has there is plenty of time to gather all of the guidance and come up with a plan.  As of now, all school facilities are to closed until the end of June.  Click here to read the entire contents of the guidance from the NFHS.

**Obviously, we can plan as much as possible but the Governor will have the ultimate say when schools can reopen and EDUCATION BASED ATHLETICS can resume.  The Governor’s Back on Track Indiana plan is available at this link.

**Reminder, our athletic trainer, Chris Chambers is still available to virtually treat our student-athletes. Chris can be reached at if you have any questions or concerns about an injury.

I know our spring athletes are devastated about not being able to finish school and compete this spring. This is a test in character and my coaches, my department, and myself are committed to making sure they pass this test. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with this process. Stay healthy!