Arabians News · SMCSC School Re-Entry Plan

Dear SMCSC Students & Parents:

We would like to thank you for your patience as the district worked to develop a comprehensive re-entry plan.  Through collaboration with many stakeholders including the Madison County Health Department, we have created a plan that provides flexibility and adaptability as conditions related to the spread of COVID-19 change in our community.

The SMCSC re-entry plan has four levels:

Level 1 – Low/No Spread: Traditional Operation with safety protocols

Level 2 – Minimal/Moderate Spread: Traditional Operation with enhanced safety and social distancing protocols

Level 3 – Minimal/Moderate Spread: Hybrid Operation utilizing a combination of in-person and eLearning.

Level 4 – Substantial Spread: Schools will be closed and will utilize eLearning.

At all levels, SMCSC will provide a virtual option for students who do not want to return to school based on a medical concern. Virtual classes for students in grades K-12 will be facilitated by an SMCSC teacher using the Edmentum learning system. This will be different from the extended eLearning that was offered last spring. Students who choose to receive their education virtually will have to commit to this program on a semester basis. More information regarding the process of requesting this option is found at the bottom of this message.

Throughout the school year, SMCSC will determine our level designation based on the guidance we receive from the Madison County Health Department. Currently, they have recommended that we begin the school year on August 6 in Level 2.  The full re-entry plan can be found here. Below you will find a summary of the requirements and procedures found in Level 2 of our plan.

  • Face coverings will be required under circumstances the school deems necessary for safety.  Students and staff will be required to wear masks when social distancing is not possible (e.g. on school buses, entering/exiting the building, during passing periods, and occasionally during some classroom instruction). Students should be prepared to put on their face covering when requested by a staff member.

  • Students and staff will be required to be fever-free for 72 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication before returning to school.

  • Schools will maximize instructional space to support social distancing as much as possible.

  • School cafeterias will maximize available space to support social distancing as much as possible and food distribution practices will be modified to reduce common touching.

  • Schools will employ enhanced cleaning procedures with additional hand sanitizer stations available.

  • Playgrounds will be frequently sanitized during the school day.

  • School buses will be sanitized prior to students boarding and between the secondary and elementary school routes.

  • Students will be given assigned seats in classrooms, school buses, and when possible in the cafeteria.

  • Schools will identify a separate space to treat COVID-19 symptomatic students.

  • Water fountains will be turned off or modified to allow for bottle refilling only.

  • Visitors and guest access will be restricted during the school day.

  • Perfect attendance incentives will be discontinued.

Face Coverings

It is our goal to keep schools open and as safe as possible for all of our students and staff members.  The Indiana Department of Health has reported a 40-60% reduction of COVID-19 transmission when masks are used by all. This is the reason we are requiring masks for certain parts of the day.  This is especially important since some infectious carriers of COVID-19 may not have any symptoms. Children who have generally been less affected by COVID-19, expose school staff and adults at home who may be more at risk.

Students will need two re-usable face coverings to start the school year as part of their back to school supplies.  SMCSC will provide a face covering to any student who can not obtain them on their own.

Students who can not or will not wear a face covering will need to request virtual education for the first semester.

Virtual Education Option

Parents with students who do not want to return in-person will need to request that option by clicking on the link below by Wednesday, July 22nd.  The virtual option is a semester-long commitment.

SMCSC Virtual Education Request Form

Registration for School

If you have not done so already, please register your student for school at regardless of the educational option that you choose for your student.  It is important that you complete/update your transportation preferences to ensure that we assign your student to a bus route.
The individual schools will be providing more specific information regarding the procedures that will be implemented to comply with our district re-entry plan.
The COVID-19 situation is very fluid and our plan or level designation may change without much notice.  Please remain alert for any updates and periodically go to our website at for information related to our re-entry plans.
South Madison Community Schools